Piano for Playschool 

Piano for Playschool app helps children and their family to explore music any time from day to day. It is a great tool both for parents with scarce musical knowledge and  professional teachers, who would like to develop musicality in children. The modes are fun to use and joyful pictures make kids play and sing songs with pleasure and excitement. App is recommended by Moscow Conservatory professors and by teachers from the Moscow Central Music School as a trusted tool based on the best music teaching practices for preschoolers. 


The Music with Mum program was originally created by the Zheleznovs, a well-known dynasty of teachers dedicated to exploring the ways of bringing out musical talent in kids and using music as a key to the comprehensive development of their personality. Families around the world enjoy the Zheleznovs singing games, rhymes and tunes, which add a lot to developing fine motor skills as well as social and language abilities.


Piano for Playschool tops up the app and offers a nice tool for kids to play tunes on their own. Bright images, specially designed signs for music notes and hand signs make solfeggio memorable and amusing for the whole family and contribute a lot to perfect pitch ear training in the important early years of the child’s preschool music education.

Whether you are a music teacher or a parent,

with Piano for Playschool

children will enjoy your first music lessons together. 

About Us

Music with Mum is a family project aimed to make preschool music education enjoyable and effective. The Music with Mum method and course of lessons boasts 30 years of practice, so our first students are already coming back to our classes with their own kids.

Parents use our game songs to entertain their children and stimulate their musicality, while educators and teachers introduce our techniques and material in their curricula. We take pride in engaging over one million children from all over the world in our music teaching practices.

Piano for Playschool is key part of the Music with Mum project designed to enhance keyboard awareness, note recognition and solfeggio skills.

The app enables kids to develop their perfect pitch and to perform with other children in a band.

Our program intended for 3-7 year olds is highly rated and recommended by the experts.

 Expert Reviews

“The songs included in the Piano for Preschool application are of great practical use and work perfectly well both for music lessons at preschool playgroups  and at home."

Vladimir Ovchinnikov, pianist, professor at the Moscow Conservatory, Director of the Central Music School

“The game songs by the Zheleznovs teach children to switch and focus their attention as well as to multitask. Singing game songs enhances audial comprehension and memory as well as improves hand - eye and speech coordination, attention and fine motor skills”,

T.S. Reznichenko, a doctor of pedagogical sciences,  methodologist at the Center speech pathology and neurorehabilitation

“The Zheleznovs songs go far beyond early music education, especially for Russian child living in non-Russian cultures. They not only teach how to process mental information by improving language skills but also help the child grow in a beneficial ethnocultural, artistic environment”,

 Margarita Popova, a Master of pedagogical sciences.




Perfect for kids 2-7 y.o.


4 Game Modes


number of keys are adjustable.


Colorful graphics


Song Bank with Lyrics


Colored Keys


Pitch Name Labels


Auto play


Speed adjustment


English & Russian languages


In-built timbres:Grand piano, Solfeggio, etc.








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